Manfrotto Compact Light Aluminum Tripod Black – Review

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Have you ever been out on a hike and witnessed a perfect sunset or a beautiful deer grazing in a field but all you have on you is your smartphone? Don’t get me wrong, smartphones can take great photos these days once you understand the settings. Even though newer phones work well in low light, nothing beats a tripod for getting the best image.

Smartphones can be hard to hold steady due to their small size. A tripod can take your smartphone images to another level⸺especially in low light. In this review, I’m going to look at the Manfrotto Compact Light Aluminum Tripod (Black).

Let’s get to it…

Manfrotto MKSCOMPACTLTBK Compact Light 51″ Smart Aluminum Tripod, Black. 

Manfrotto is an Italian brand of camera and lighting supports, including tripods, monopods, and other accessories. Their tripods are next level⸺very nice. The one I am reviewing has a ball head with a phone clamp. When it is compact, it is 15.4 inches (39 cm) and made of lightweight aluminum (weighs only 2.3 lbs/1.0 kg) but extends to 51 inches high (129.5 cm). It is the perfect travel companion: I know because I also own it.

Getting Started with Manfrotto Compact Smart Aluminum Tripod

The legs extend by opening the clasps and extending: close clasps to lock leg height. Loosen the thumbscrew on the center column to extend, and tighten to lock at the desired height. Loosen the ball head with a thumbscrew to change the angle of the camera/smartphone. It can be used with a compact camera or DSLR/lens combo no greater than 3.3 lbs (1.5 Kg) but it really shines with a smartphone. I use it with the iPhone 11 Pro; you can check out some of my photos below.

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This tripod is great when traveling light – backpacking, weekend hikes, the beach, etc. The finish is a stylish black and feels nice. Manfrotto made this out of aluminum to keep the weight down and it collapses to only 15.35 inches. It comes with a travel bag so you can put it in or clip it to your pack. You won’t even notice you are carrying it. Take it everywhere you go!

No more trying to steady your hands for those hard to get pictures⸺you will see a significant increase in image quality. The head is suitable for a broad range of digital devices weighing up to 1.5kg. Your smartphone which weighs nowhere close to that attaches easily on top of the ball head using the included Manfrotto MCLAMP. If using a DSLR however, you might want to stick with the lighter kit lens. The Manfrotto MCLAMP is also sold separately.

It takes only seconds to attach a camera or a smartphone via the new quick wheel and universal 1/4″ camera attachment. The built-in ball head and the single adjustment knob, allows quick locking of the camera in place so you are ready to shoot. 

The included padded carrying bag makes for easy transportation.



Max Height

Closed Length

Head Type

1.85 lbs/0.84  kg

51.57 inches/131 cm

15.67 inches/40 cm

Ball Head

Safety Payload Weight

Maximum Height (With Center Column Down)

Carrying Bag Included

Center Column

3.31 lbs/1.5 kg

40.55 in/103 cm




Leg Sections

Top Attachment

Base Type



1/4" screw

0.87 in/2.2 cm

Easy Link

Friction Control

Front Tilt

Min Height



0° / +90°

15.35 in/39 cm

Independent Pan Lock

Ball Locking

Independent Tilt Lock

Lateral Tilt





Leg Type

Leg Angles

Leg Lock Type




Flip Lock

Aluminum, Technolpolymer

Max Working Temp

Min Working Temp

Pan Drag

Panoramic Rotation





Plate Type

Quick Release

Tilt Drag

Fixed-with 1/4-20" screw




  • What is the warranty? 2 years + 3-year extension. Compact, Element, TwistGrip, PIXI and Pocket collections are covered by a Standard Limited Warranty (two years from the date of purchase) and are eligible for a free Standard Limited Warranty Extension, upon online product registration, for an additional three years – thus, up to five years’ coverage from the date of purchase.

Is “Product” Right for You? (Pros & Cons)


  • Lightweight
  • Compact
  • Easy to use
  • Can be used with a camera or smartphone
  • Included carry bag
  • Great Quality


  • More expensive than some others.
  • Doesn’t work as well with heavier camera and lens combinations.


This would be a pretty good alternative if the Manfrotto MKSCOMPACTLTBK Compact Light 51″ Smart Aluminum Tripod (Black) is not available.

Final Thoughts

I personally own this product. It is a quality product, it feels sturdy, looks great, and is lightweight and versatile. This is why I recommend the Manfrotto MKSCOMPACTLTBK Compact Light 51″ Smart Aluminum Tripod (Black). Take it on your next hike!

My Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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2 thoughts on “Manfrotto Compact Light Aluminum Tripod Black – Review”

  1. If the tripod is light like this, it’s better to have one and not need it, than to need it and not have it. There are so many moments I would have wished to have a tripod. I love the great outdoors and it’s just convenient to be able to hold my phone in place when the right moment strikes. I don’t have a big camera so no problem buying this tripod.

    • I usually use the tripod with a small Bluetooth remote to having to touch the smartphone and causing a shake. You could use a timer as well or if you have an Apple watch you can pull up the viewfinder image and remote snap the photo.


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