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Wearing the Gunmetal Sunglasses
Summary card for Knockaround Sunglasses

A good pair of sunglasses is essential for exploring the outdoors. I’ve ponied up way too much money over the years on them. These are sunglasses that: I’ve lost; gotten scratched in my truck’s console, fell off onto beach rocks after I propped them on my head, ran over after pumping gas in New Hampshire⸺yes, I’m pretty irresponsible and I shouldn’t have nice things. If you are like me, you hate wearing expensive sunglasses with scratches on them but you also hate the cheap weird fitting/looking ones that you buy at the gas station. Here is where Knockarounds come in. 

Knockaround Sunglasses Styles

Knockaround Sunglasses

The company was founded in San Diego in 2005. It touts itself as the original affordable Southern California Sunglasses company. The price makes them practical; you can own several pairs and still have money left over vs buying 1 pair of Oakleys. The quality is high and the stylishness is a bonus. This has created a loyal fan base⸺myself included. They have a ton of options on their website to match anyone’s style.

How Does “Product” Work? / Getting Started with “Product”

Head to their website and take a look or search on Amazon. They have 14 different unisex styles that you can customize. Adding options like polarized lenses can be done for a minimal bump in price. You can even get them in blue light-blocking computer glasses. The cool thing is they always seem to have discounts. Just get on their mailing list. For example, on Memorial day they are offering 25% off. They usually offer free shipping as well.

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After you choose your frames you can choose lens color and polarization. 

I recently ordered these and they are amazing.

Gunmetal Sunglasses Knockarounds

If you want to go crazy with the customization you can do that too. You can choose:

  • Front
  • Left Arm
  • Right Arm
  • Lens
  • and Logo

Here is an example of a creation that I came up with

Knockaround Custom Shop Options

Colorful pair of customized Knockaround Sunglasses


  • How do they compare with other budget sunglasses like Shady Rays? Shady Rays are also very nice though they are more in the range of $40 or more. It still a pretty good price compared to a pair of Ray-Bans though I must say that the Knockarounds feel a little more substantial in your hand. (I also own several pairs of Shady Rays).
  • What is the return policy? If they mess up and send you the wrong pair, they’ll make it right. If you don’t like the sunglasses they will allow you to return them within 30 days if they are “unworn, unused and undamaged.” Shipping costs are not refunded but they will pay for the return shipping by sending a prepaid label. As a nice touch they will give you the entire amount in a store credit immediately once a return is authorized so you can order a another pair right away. Any unused portion of your credit is refunded back to you once they receive your returned sunglasses. So if you don’t buy any new sunglasses with the credit I assume you get all your money less the shipping cost back. Not bad.

Is “Product” Right for You? (Pros & Cons)

This product is perfect for anyone that loves a cool pair of sunglasses that look high quality but don’t break the bank. If you are stuck on high end brand names consider that Knockaround Sunglasses has been featured in well-known media outlets such as GQ, US Weekly, and Cosmopolitan, and have been worn by several celebrities including Natalie Portman, Matthew McConaughey, John Mayer, Jessica Alba, Snoop Dogg, and John Legend. Maybe that would make you reconsider. 


As I mentioned, Shady Rays are great as well. They are a bit more expensive but still very reasonable. Whatever you choose you, your day won’t be ruined if you are pulling our of the gas station on bright summer’s day and you hear the crunch of glass on metal as your Ray Bans are obliterated underneath your tire.

Final Thoughts

You can’t really go wrong with these sunglasses. They have many cool styles, they are high quality and uber customizable at a great price.

If you do order a pair (or three), leave me a comment below. I’d love to know your take on them. I’m giving them 4/5 stars. I knocked one star off because they only come with a soft little green bag to store them in. I know they trying to keep the price low but a semi-rigid case or hard case would be a nice touch even if it bumped the price up by a few dollars.

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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  1. I agree with you that they have really cool styles. I would like to order 3 of them. I can’t wait till the arrive to start using them.

    I just arrive from a nice camping experience. But I lost my knockaround sunglasses over there. I was in the river and had my sunglasses on my head. I forgot I had them and dived into the water. A while later I realized I had lost them.


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