Maxwel Hohn takes a photo during sunset of the BC coastline

Coastal Wolves Of British Columbia

Coastal wolves are found mainly where the temperate Great Bear Rain Forest of British Columbia meets the pacific ocean. This is about 21 million acres and is a very different habitat than we traditionally think of for wolves (e.g., Yellowstone). The dense old-growth forest offers much protection, and there are many options to make a …

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Moose eating salt on a snowy road.

Gray Wolves Ecosystem -Unexpected benefit

Sometimes when an Apex predator is re-established in an area, there is an unintended positive consequence. A recent study found one such consequence when Gray Wolves moved back into the American wilderness around The Great Lakes. Read on to find out more about how the Gray Wolves’ ecosystem⸺with them on top of the food chain⸺can …

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Ethiopian Wolf looking off in the distance.

Ethiopian Wolf Facts – Canus simenis

The Ethiopian Wolf (Canus simenis) is only found in the highlands of Ethiopia. It is one of the world’s rarest Canids. It’s a close relative to the grey wolves and coyotes that colonized the Horn of Africa through land bridges. Continue reading for more Ethiopian Wolf Facts and what challenges they face. Characteristics This little wolf …

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