Oregon Wolves – 2 Pups Shot

Wolf Pup Sitting

In late July 2021, state officials granted a kill permit for 4 Oregon wolves to a producer in Oregon who had experienced injuries to his livestock from a nearby wolf pack. This pack had only been established in the area since 2019. There are 4 adults and 7 new pups who were born in 2021. … Read more

Wolf Reintroduction in Colorado


Wolves are such a political animal. People will go to great lengths to insure they don’t exist near them, let alone thrive. Recently a senior Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) manager was removed from duty for trying to sabotage the state’s plans to reintroduce wolves. CPW Northwest Region Manager JT Romatzke a 23 veteran of … Read more

Gray Wolves Ecosystem -Unexpected benefit

Moose eating salt on a snowy road.

Sometimes when an Apex predator is re-established in an area, there is an unintended positive consequence. A recent study found one such consequence when Gray Wolves moved back into the American wilderness around The Great Lakes. Read on to find out more about how the Gray Wolves’ ecosystem⸺with them on top of the food chain⸺can … Read more