protecting Wolves

from the world’s most dangerous predator⸺humans

I have been passionate about wolves ever since I was a kid. I read the book, “Never Cry Wolf,” by the late Canadian author Farley Mowat. I realized that things are not always as they seem in nature and that the interplay between the elements is often not realized until something is removed. In Canada’s arctic, the wolf kept the caribou herd strong by killing off the old and the weak.

In Yellowstone, the removal of wolves led to an unchecked elk population that ate all the trees and eventually led to unexpected consequences like riverbank erosion. The restoration of wolves transplanted from Canada in the 90s reversed this environmental damage.

The endangered species act was passed in 1973, but Wolves need our protection now more than ever. Managing wolves, in the US in the last decade, has become unfairly politicized. Wolves are no longer hunted in the traditional sense but slaughtered en masse in an attempt to hurt the other side of the debate using military-style weapons, poison bait, dogs, GPS, snares, and helicopters.

Other than coyotes, there is perhaps no other animal as irrationally vilified as the wolf. The animal from which the modern dog evolved is, ironically, nature’s underdog.

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black wolf looking through the trees

The Story of the Romeo Wolf

Nick Jans of Juneau, Alaska, used to be a hunter, but he turned wildlife photographer after his life was changed by a very special animal⸺a large black wolf the town came to know as Romeo.
Hunter training his scope on a Wolf in the Wisconsin Hunt

Wisconsin Wolf Hunt-Lawsuit To Block the Massacre

The Trump administration de-listed wolves. Wisconsin was forced to hold a hastily planned wolf hunt because special interest groups sued the state. The result was a wolf slaughter.
2 Gray Wolves licking each others face

Biden Failing to Protect Wolves

Trump made sure the EPA protections for gray wolves would end in January 2021, and the Biden Administration has been a massive letdown on restoring them.
Scotsman playing bagpipes

Wolves of Scotland – Reintroduction Plans

Last Updated on May 9, 2022 by Stone The wolves of Scotland have not been a thing since 1680 officially or 1888 unofficially. Either way, they are long gone from the landscape along with the lush forest and diverse wildlife that was present 1000s of years ago. The now barren land team with sheep and …

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Wolf Pup Sitting

Oregon Wolves – 2 Pups Shot

Last Updated on March 18, 2022 by Stone In late July 2021, state officials granted a kill permit for 4 Oregon wolves to a producer in Oregon who had experienced injuries to his livestock from a nearby wolf pack. This pack had only been established in the area since 2019. There are 4 adults and …

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Endangered Alexander Archipelago Wolf – Is Extinction Next?

Last Updated on August 3, 2021 by Stone If you read my previous article about the Coastal Wolves of British Columbia, you’ll remember that I mentioned, “Other populations reside in southeastern Alaska, though overall, sea wolves have declined in number over time. Amazingly, they once were found all the way down to California, back when …

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Wisconsin wolf hunt 2021- A Ted Nugent Endorsed Abomination

Last Updated on March 18, 2022 by Stone This article was hard to write because the person I cover in it has said and done some terrible things⸺things he has all stood behind saying and doing. If you offend easily, you may not want to read this post. My goal is not to shock; it …

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Puppy looking at the camera.

Are Dogs Descended From Wolves? Read to Find out.

Last Updated on October 30, 2022 by Stone The short answer is yes; dogs are descended from wolves. The how, why, or when is still debated, but DNA from ancient dogs found in Europe has shed light on some of these questions. The involvement of humans in the process may have been much less than …

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White wolf behind fence at a wolf sanctuary

Visiting the White Wolf Sanctuary- Tidewater, Oregon

Last Updated on November 26, 2021 by Stone The White Wolf Sanctuary in Tidewater, Oregon, has been around since 1999. Housing mostly arctic wolves, it is a nice afternoon getaway to encounter North America’s Apex predator. I recently traveled there on a Saturday afternoon with my family as part of a Father’s Day gift. If …

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Wolf Reintroduction in Colorado

Last Updated on March 18, 2022 by Stone Wolves are such a political animal. People will go to great lengths to insure they don’t exist near them, let alone thrive. Recently a senior Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) manager was removed from duty for trying to sabotage the state’s plans to reintroduce wolves. CPW Northwest …

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